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Fort Scott Munitions

 A tactical Company known as Fort Scott Munitions, or FSM, deals with a wide range of ammunitions, including bullets, riffles, pistols, and more. Because the organization constantly delivers on its promises, it enjoys a solid reputation. As the finest tactical store in Southeast Kansas, they official opened its doors in 2016. 

Fort Scott Munitions ammunition has a Tumble Upon Impact motion that outperforms the performance of an expanding bullet for decisive terminal impact. This munitions ammunition’s innovative design creates a Tumble Upon Impact (TUI) wound cavity, which allows it to perform better than other ammo on the market. If you carry a pistol with a tiny caliber, you understand how important bullet placement is. As a result, we take great care to ensure that all of our ammunition is up to industry standards and that our clients receive the finest possible service, because their lives may be on the line.

Tumble Upon Impact (TUI)

What is Tumble Upon Impact ammunition and how does it work? (TUI) 

The Tumble Upon Impact causes greater soft tissue damage and hydrostatic stress than one might expect from such a little projectile. This pistol ammo, which represents the peak of ballistic efficacy, demonstrates that lethal force from a tiny caliber bullet is not only conceivable, but also reliable.

Fort Scott Munitions for sale

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This ammunition that we carry is created right here in Fort Scott and is available for purchase at our store.

Providing excellent customer service to all of our clients is our primary goal here. For novices and experts alike, we can assist you in finding the right clothing, firearms, ammunition, and other accessories to meet your specific needs.

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